Introduction, Interpretation and Definitions

1.1. Terms and conditions phrased in the masculine form for convenience only and are, of course, women.

1.2. These regulations the following terms shall have the meaning next to them:

1.2.1. “Site” – a “SHOPSWINDOWS” at: http://www.SHOPSWINDOWS.COM .

1.2.2. “Site operator” – or “SHOPSWINDOWS” .

1.2.3. “User” or “User” – including a man, woman or any legal entity, such as a company, an organization, association, partnership, using ether in person or by his representative including employees and / or third party acting on his behalf.

1.2.4. “Rules” – rules that, as the most updated version published on the site.

1.2.5. ” content “or” content “- including any information of any kind whatsoever, including any verbal, visual, or – voice (audio-visual ), Including text, image, sound, video, by any means and in any media End device, existing and / or will exist in the future and / or any combination thereof, including articles, reports, surveys, data , Files, advice, analyzes, recommendations, guidelines, reviews and all information and / or other content Whatever format and design, processing, editing, distributing and displaying, including (but not limited to) any picture, photograph, illustration, animation (animation ), Drawing, image, imaging, sample (sample ), Video, sound and music files; any software, file, computer code, application, (format ), Protocol, interface, and any character, symbol and icon (icon ).

1.2.6. “User-generated content” – content that appears on the site and source users and is published in the designated areas, such as discussion groups (forums), chats, (Knock – Kim) blogs and other services that allow users to enter the site their own content – whether separately area for user content and with content of the site and all as determined by the site operator from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, providing content for publication on the website does not give the creator of the content and / or move the content to demand that the contents published or continue to be published.

1.2.7. ” economic content “- Content economic issues, including information on the capital market, accumulated data about public companies, information regarding foreign currency trading and other information in the economic field.

1.2.8. ” commercial content “- Content posted on behalf of advertisers and third parties, including users, for the purposes of marketing and selling of properties and / or services, including ads, advertisements, banners and more.

1.2.9. “Deep link” – link content to any website, not home page of that site.

1.3. The purpose of these regulations is to define our terms “SHOPSWINDOWS.”

1.4. Terms and conditions shall be interpreted in the spirit of the site’s policy that encourages freedom of speech and the fruitful discussion on the site, with active participation of users, subject to legal restrictions.

1.5. Terms validity is cumulative and not alternatively and conditions of use shall be interpreted that exist side by side and this reduces the incidence of it.

Two. The right to use the site

2.1. Operator of the site invites users to use the Website, provided that the use would be true, fair and in good faith for personal purposes only, and will be based on and subject to the rules and conditions set out below and the provisions of the law.

2.2. Use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, unless the prior express permission in writing from the site operator and subject to the conditions prescribed in the certificate (if given).

2.3. This Policy applies to use of the Site at all levels and its contents, and the various services operating thereon. However, there are areas of the site content or use of which is subject, in addition to these terms, an online agreement and / or specific conditions relating to them in a special way and review the specific conditions in each individual case.

2.4. This Policy applies to use of the Site and its contents regardless of the means through which carried entrance to the site (including computer and / or other communication device such as a cellular phone, PDA, etc.), carried out through the media entrance to the site (including the internet and / or any network or other media) or the place where the user .

2.5. Attention Users: By entering the website and its use and / or its contents Please indicate your consent to these regulations and the conditions of use prescribed, whether you have read the Terms of Use in their entirety or not you will not claim ignorance of the terms of use. Therefore, please read the terms of use and crept carefully before using the site.

2.6. Do not use the Site in a manner contrary to these rules, unless given explicit consent prior written consent of the site operator and will be subject to the terms of the consent (if given). All non-conforming use as aforesaid, the site operator will buy the rights and remedies applicable to the case of a violation, as described in these terms.

2.7. The site operator respects the privacy of users in accordance with law and the terms of the Privacy Policy of the site as it will be periodically updated and are an integral part of these regulations. Since privacy policy may change from time to time, users are asked to go back and catch up privacy policy.

2.8. The origin of some of the economic contents (see definitions in Chapter 1), and other content on the site is in site and some is provided, managed and operated by content providers. Although efforts are made ​​to coordinate and process content, which may be the process of reception, processing and posting thereof mistakes. Users who want to use these materials and rely on them, have a duty and responsibility to complete check and verify the same.

2.9. In addition to the restrictions set forth in these regulations, and the economic uses content originating from the  stock  exchanges in the world, then such use is also subject to the terms of use of those dictates all the stock itself and the  relevant  exchange.

2.10. There is no economic content publication and / or other content on the site is a recommendation or opinion regarding the transactions and financial conduct, including the purchase or sale of securities or foreign currency. Therefore, any decision regarding the use of economic content you find on the site shall be the responsibility of the user only.

Three. Use of content

3.1. Do not copy and use, or permit others to use, otherwise the contents (see definitions in Chapter 1) of the site, including on other websites, electronic publications, printed publications etc., for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, is not for personal and private use .

3.2. Do not operate or allow to run any computer application or any other means, including software Crawlers, Robots And the like, in order to search, scan, copy, or automatically retrieve content from the site. You may not create or use such tools to create the compilation, collection or data base containing content from the site.

3.3. Not display any Content from the Site in a frame (Frame ), Visible or invisible.

3.4. Not display any Content from the Site in any way – including using any software, device, apparatus or communication protocol – change their design or remove any Content, in particular advertisements and commercial content.

Four. Links to Site

4.1. No link to deeper content on the site, unless deep link is to an Internet page in full and as he (AS IS ) So that you can see and use it absolutely identical is viewed and used on site.

4.2. Strictly forbidden to link to content on the site, independently from the web pages they appear on the site (for example: I can not link directly to a picture or a graphic file, but a full page in which they appear). Also, the exact address of the web page to appear instead of the usual site designated in the user interface, for example, in the address bar (Status bar ) User’s browser. Do not alter, distort or hide this address does not replace any other address.

4.3. There is no link to any site that contains pornographic content, content that promotes racism or discrimination, or which are illegal or whose publication is illegal or incites illegal activity.

4.4. In case of violation of the foregoing, may the site operator may instruct you to cancel any such deep link its sole discretion. In this case, cancel the deep link immediately and you will have no claim, demand or action against this matter.

4.5. User alone shall bear full and sole responsibility for any link to any case, the site operator will not be responsible for any damage caused to the user and / or any third party. User responsible for linking the site and undertakes to indemnify the operator of the site for any damage caused as a result, immediately after first request.

Five. Links that appear on the site

5.1. , You will find links (links) to various pages on the web. Links allow you to find contents on the Internet, which are not published by the site operator and / or the Site and / or their representatives and have no control or supervision over such content.

5.2. The very appearance of a link on the site, linking to content that appear elsewhere on the Internet and / or any other media, it does not indicate the consent of the site operator to the same content and does not guarantee their authenticity, And / or it up to date and / or validity, and reliance and / or Use of content is subject to the consent of the owners of the content and / or conditions of use, privacy matters and any other aspect of their operation.

5.3. You may find that the content they link to are not appropriate for your needs and / or you object to their content and / or consider aggravating, annoying, improper, illegal or immoral. However, it is clarified that the site operator is not responsible for the contents which the links lead and is not responsible for any consequence resulting from their use and / or reliance thereon.

5.4. Operator of the site does not guarantee that the links (links) Site will be valid and will lead to an active website and may remove from the site links included therein or refrain from adding new links – all, in its absolute discretion.

Six. User-generated content – restrictions, rights and responsibilities

6.1. The website features user-generated content originating from users. In this regard it is clarified and known to users and they agree that no way they will not be eligible for any compensation to the operator site and / or its representatives and / or other users on the site, directly or indirectly, for the content they convey to locate and shut Shipping contents constitutes acceptance precondition for sending user-generated content site .

6.2. However, in order to allow a civil and substantive and prevent abuse of the options available to users to express themselves on the site, entitled (but not obliged) to the site operator to check the content provided site before publication and this is subject to the sole discretion of the site operator without the need exercising legal judgment. It should be emphasized that such testing industry, as the industry, but only to try to prevent abnormal these terms and conditions and / or violation of law and / or damage to the interests of the operator of the site, including prevent the publication of – graffiti, threats, vulgarity, content that they prima facie illegal, and so on.

6.3. The site operator does not assume any responsibility for user-generated content. The sole responsibility for user-generated content and any consequence arising from user-generated content and / or reliance on them, apply to the publication of March. Contents do not express the opinions of the site or position and publication provides no guarantee of validity, authenticity, accuracy or legality.

6.4. Exclusive right to decide whether to publish content on the website and / or which part of post content and / or somewhere on the site will be posted content, given exclusively to the site and transmits content will not hear any argument on this issue

6.5. When sending or delivering content for publication on the website, you bear full and sole responsibility for any consequence deriving from the posting. You must ensure that such contents are illegal.

6.6. Without derogating from restrictions began by law and / or these Terms and Conditions, is strictly forbidden users, advertise on the following contents:

6.6.1. All content is known that for the user that is false, misleading or fraudulent;

6.6.2. Any content that infringes the proprietary rights of others or violate them – including copyrights and trademarks;

6.6.3. Content of a pornographic or sexual nature;

6.6.4. Any information concerning minors that identifies them, their personal details or their address and ways to contact them;

6.6.5. Any computer software, computer code or application containing a virus – computer (“virus”), including software – known hostility horse – Trojan Worms (Worms ) And Andlim (Vandals ), Harmful applications (Malicious Applications ) And the like;

6.6.6. Passwords, user names and other details enabling the use of computer software, digital files, websites or services that require registration or payment, without payment or registration;

6.6.7. All content constituting defamation of a person, or violates the privacy or reputation;

6.6.8. All content PII other people without their consent to the publication of their identity;

6.6.9. Any content of the nature or content harassing, insulting, hostile, intimidating or rude;

6.6.10. Any content which encouraging racism or discrimination based on race, origin, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, creed, political or socio – economic status and / or discrimination of any kind whatsoever.

6.6.11. Any content that promotes any criminal offense or may form the basis for prosecution or civil liability;

6.6.12. All content PII other people without their consent to the publication of their identity.;

6.6.13. All content that may mislead the consumer and / or investors;

6.6.14. Any content of advertising or commercial nature;

6.6.15. All content is contrary to generally accepted use of the Internet or may cause damage or harm to Internet users in general and users in particular site;

6.6.16. All Content access is blocked by a password, etc., and is freely accessible to all Internet users;

6.7. The site operator may refuse or immediately delete any content delivered to publication, at any time you find that violated these terms and conditions and / or an act or omission that harms or may harm the services provided on the site, the user, the site operator and / or anyone on its behalf. In addition, the site operator will be allowed in this case to prevent the user from infringing publish additional content on the site. Provisions of this section supplement the rights of the site by any law.

6.8. Without derogating from its powers, it is hereby clarified that the site operator has the right to edit and / or make any changes to the content submitted to it by the Customer, at its absolute discretion.

6.9. Please note that users removed Content Ads on: Ads on the content you provide are exposed to all Internet users. You drive careful when providing personal information (such as address or telephone number) responses and communications will be received in your use of the website following the posting of any details. Remember that you need to drive the delivery of content and applications you at least the same degree of caution that should be taken in making contact, non-Internet.

6.10. Should be considered carefully and critically the content published on the Internet, including user-generated content and reliance on such Content on the website is only the end users. Users should assume that the site operator and / or its representatives do not check the veracity of content browsing and content browsing is not published on behalf of the site, and therefore is not responsible for the credibility, reliability, accuracy or completeness and is not responsible for any consequence resulting from the use thereof or reliance thereon. Remember always that such contents are not a substitute for consultation with qualified professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, certified professionals, etc., where necessary.

6.11. It is clarified that the mere transfer and delivery of content to the site, you accept and acknowledge the transferring content publishing and is a statement from transferring content that is the creator and / or owner of all the rights of content transmitted and / or permission lawful owner of the rights, permits the transferor content to post the contents on the site and give rights of use set forth below.

6.12. By submitting the content publication provides site license – free, worldwide and perpetual license to copy, reproduce, distribute, market, make available, arrange, edit, translate and otherwise use such contents another way, at its discretion, on the site, in printed material, including newspapers , magazines, periodicals – journals, books, etc., digital media, including other Web sites, digital archives and in services provided in communication networks, including wired to – wired, cellular, cable and satellite.

Seven. Services requiring registration

7.1. , You will find services that require registration. You can enjoy any such service and use it after completing the registration process, providing the information required in the course your consent to the online agreement pertaining to the service.

7.2. The use of some services that require registration fee subscription fees. Provisions relating to the payment of the subscription fees are also found online agreement pertaining to the service, it will be prompted to confirm.

7.3. When registering for the Service you will be asked for personal information such as first name, last name, city of residence, the credit card information (if the service fee) and a working email address which you have. You must provide only true, accurate and complete, and you hereby confirm that the information you provided. Incorrect information may prevent you from using the service if necessary to prevent contact with you. In case of change of details must be updated using the Customer Service Department of the website or online service site.

7.4. The data you provided during registration will be stored in a database owned by the site operator. There is no obligation – by law to provide the information, but without it will not be possible to use such services. The site operator will use your details, but according to the privacy policy of the site, which is an integral part of these terms and conditions.

7.5. When registering for the Service you will be asked to choose a username and password which will identify you when you access the service. The site operator may determine from time to time, or other means of identification other.

7.6. Keep your user name and password confidential to prevent misuse. Be sure to change the password as often as possible and in any event not less than once every six months.

7.7. The site operator may not allow you to use a service that requires registration, in its absolute discretion. Without limiting the foregoing, the site operator may cancel your registration, or block your access to, any of the following:

7.7.1. If when you sign up for service intentionally provided incorrect information;

7.7.2. If you commit an act or omission that is or may damage Bhatr or any third party, including other subscribers, authors or suppliers of the site;

7.7.3. If you have used the services or information provided Bhatr commit or attempt to commit an illegal act – according to the laws of the State of U.K, or an act which appears on the face to be illegal, or to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the commission of such an act;

7.7.4. If you breach the terms of this Agreement or the terms of any other service in the Web Site;

7.7.5. If you have not used the service for a continuous period exceeding four months, even after receiving a notification by e-mail;

7.7.6. If you perform any action that would prevent others from joining or continuing to enjoy the service in any way;

7.7.7. If you have given your user name and password assigned to you when you register for the use of a third party;

7.7.8. If the credit card is blocked or restricted in any way (as the service can be paid);

7.7.9. If you have financial debt Lhatr or any corporation controlled not pay your debt, even though the deadline for payment thereof.

Eight. Customer testimonials area

8.1. There are areas designated for site visits and recommendations, including recommendations on economic and Content These are an integral part of which visitors to the site and apply to him the instructions and terms of use for user-generated content (see definitions in Chapter 1).

8.2. Option open to users to publish guidelines and exchange of opinions on the site, require pre-registration site, which required the user to give his name. These details will be saved in the database of the site operator, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the site operator.

8.3. Users who submit recommendations to certify that information contained in this Recommendation is true and accurate and that any evaluation and / or analysis done by them in good faith and with no intention to hurt the person and / or the violation of the provisions of any law, including the provisions of the Securities Law – 1968

8.4. It is clarified that the reliance on users’ sentiments is the sole responsibility of each user. Users should assume that the site operator does not check the correctness of the recommendations and / or the identity of references and recommendations relate to users browsing the necessary skepticism and check out our time for themselves.

8.5. There are no recommendations currently online advertising, a recommendation or an opinion regarding the transactions and financial conduct, including the purchase or sale of securities or foreign currency. Therefore, any reliance or action that relies on users’ sentiments, is the responsibility of users only.

8.6. Users will be prevented from contacting any grounds against the site operator and / or its representatives, for publishing testimonials and / or relying on recommendations published on the site.

Nine. Commercial content

9.1. The site does not carry responsibility for commercial content (see definitions in Chapter 1) to be published on the site and responsibility for content lies with commercial advertisers. The site operator does not create and / or checks and / or verifies and / or edit the content or the authenticity. As mentioned, the only responsibility of commercial content and any consequence resulting from the use of or reliance upon them. Advertising commercial content on the site is not a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services, or products offered for sale.

9.2. every transaction made ​​further commercial content published on the Site, will be concluded directly between the user and the relevant advertiser. The site is not a party to any such transaction, and is not responsible for the goods and services offered commercial content on the site, or purchased based.

9.3. trademarks and advertisements of advertisers on the Site are the property of their publisher and may not be used without the advertiser’s prior written consent.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1. All copyrights and intellectual property on the site, the services offered and any content contained therein (except Contents posted by users of the Website) site operator and / or its representatives, including content that third parties authorized to publish on the site operator.

10.2. not copy, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, available, change, process, create derivative works from, sell or lease any of the above, whether by yourself or through or in cooperation with a third party, in any manner whether electronic, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording, or by any means, and another way without obtaining prior written consent from the website or from the holding others, as appropriate and subject to the consent (if given). provision shall also apply to any arrangement, editing or Translation made ​​by website content that you entered or posted by users of the site.

10.3. if and when such consent was given, the user shall not remove, delete, or distort any sign of intellectual property, for example – the copyright © or ® trademarks, related contents you will use on hand.

11th. Liability and Indemnification

11.1. material on the website are provided for use ( AS IS ). Can not be adapted to the needs of each individual. Users will not be any claim or demand against the site operator and / or the site for the characteristics of the content, capabilities, limitations, suitability or reactions caused (if any) publication of content on the site. Use of the site will be on full and exclusive responsibility of the customer.

11.2. operator of the site does not warrant that the content you post on the site will be responsive. The site operator can not know what comments (if any) you will be following the publication who respond to the contents you post, so do not bear the transferring content (or anyone acting on its behalf) for such responses, identify applicants transferor content or any consequence deriving from the posting. The site operator is not responsible for any use by a third party contents that – hand.

11.3. Every decision you make regarding the content published on the site is the responsibility of transferring the full content only. The site does not warrant that the content and services of third parties, including content and service providers and users, published on the site are complete, correct, valid or accurate or comply with your expectations and requirements. The site operator and / or will not bear any responsibility for any consequence deriving from them, or from the use of or reliance thereon.

11.4. proper professional advice depends on the exact circumstances of each case. Content Bhatr are not a substitute for such advice. In particular is especially true, material posted communities and discussion groups (forums), including the content posted by the administrators communities and discussion groups.

11.5. Contents are not a substitute for professional counsel when needed (for example: medical expert’s answer to the question as part discussion group is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment as needed). Contents may sometimes reflect or access to certain personal opinion of the writer. Should be approached cautiously. If you decide to rely on content published Bhatr, or act upon, you bear full and sole responsibility for your actions and the consequences.

11.6. The site operator does not warrant that the Site will not be disrupted or without interruption, function safely and without error, and will be immune from an – unauthorized computer site or to damage, malfunctions or failures – hardware, software, communication lines and systems, in site or any of its suppliers.

11.7. every user undertakes to indemnify the site operator and / or its representatives, including employees, managers or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss – profit, fee or expense incurred by them – including legal fees and court costs – due to violation of these Terms and Conditions. In addition, indemnify the Website, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf in respect of any claim and / or demand made ​​against them – by any third party contents you posted Bhatr and of links you to the website.

12th. changes to the site and termination of service

12.1. operator of the site can change its structure, its appearance and design, the scope and availability of services which will be entitled to collect payment for content and services or that by its decision and change any other aspect of the site – all without having to notify you advance.

12.2. Such changes will be made, in part, given the dynamic nature of the Internet and technological and other changes that occur in it. By their nature, such changes may entail malfunctions and / or may initially dis-comfort, and so on. Shall not have any claim and / or demand against the site for making such changes and / or the resulting malfunctions.

12.3. Without derogating from the above site may at any time terminate these services, in whole or in part. Site Submit Site Notice of services ahead of time. Upon termination of services will site the material contained on the site for a more reasonable time and then will be allowed to delete it without saving any backup and no further notice of it.

13th. Arbitration and Jurisdiction

13.1. of this Agreement subject to the laws of the State of U.K, without giving effect to principles of conflicts of law.

13.2. Any disputes which may arise between the parties, including disputes concerning use of the Website and / or in connection with these terms and conditions, including in connection with specific online agreements for certain services on the site, will be brought before an arbitrator who is an attorney proficient in e-commerce and the Internet and identity shall be determined by the Chairman  Association at the request of either party.

13.3. arbitrator shall be entitled to grant provisional remedies and interim orders. Arbitration shall take place in U.K. The arbitrator shall not be bound by the rules of civil procedure but shall be bound by rules of evidence and substantive law. The arbitrator shall give reasons for its decision.

13.4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, should the parties hereto sued by a third party in any legal proceeding that he, the defendant, notwithstanding the foregoing, attach the other party to this Agreement as a party to such judicial process in this case does not apply to an arbitration agreement it.

13.5. competent court in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1968 will be the courts located in U.K.

13.6. clause constitutes an arbitration agreement between the parties for all purposes.

13.7. Subject to and without derogating from any matter that is not within the jurisdiction of the arbitrator, or any matter which does not apply to an arbitration agreement that, for any reason, will be the sole jurisdiction to – the competent court in the U.K .

14th. Contact Us

14.1. operator of the site adheres to provisions of law and respects the rights of other users of the site and the privacy and reputation.

14.2. If you believe that content posted on offending you for any reason, please contact us at the information below and we’ll try to handle your request as soon as possible. Stated requests can be forwarded to the following address: Customer Service Department, Inquiries can also be stated to send us  forward e-mail to mail : SHOPSWINDOWS@GMAIL.COM.


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