One. General

1.1. Privacy policy settings document are in accordance with regulations a “SHOPSWINDOWS.”

1.2. “SHOPSWINDOWS” respects the privacy of users of the Web “SHOPSWINDOWS” it manages and operates.

1.3. Here we will review the privacy policy for the site, including how “SHOPSWINDOWS” uses the information provided to him – by website users or collected – hand when using the site.

Two. Registration for services

2.1. Some services on the site “SHOPSWINDOWS” may require registration. Part of the registration required users to provide personal information such as name, address, ways to contact the e-mail address and / or credit card information in its possession. Fields must will be marked. Without providing the information required, you can not register for services requiring registration.

2.2. Since “SHOPSWINDOWS “ask only the information required for the registered user will be asked to use some of the services required to provide additional data required by the nature of the service.

Three. Database

3.1. The data submitted by the user when registering services on the Sites will be stored in the database of “SHOPSWINDOWS” It is clarified that there is no obligation on the user to provide this information, but clarified that without giving details, you can not use these services.

Four. Use of information

4.1. When you use the Site, information may be gathered your habits, products and services purchased or sold, information or advertisement you sites, the pages viewed, offers and services of interest to you, the payment methods that you used to place the computer through which you accessed the sites and more. “SHOPSWINDOWS” stores the information in its databases. This information, as well as the data you provide during the registration process for the various services on “SHOPSWINDOWS”, to be used only in accordance with this Privacy Policy or under any law – and for the following purposes:

4.1.1. To allow you to use various services sites – such as (but not only) forums, games, promotions and activities to be offered from time to time on the Sites.

4.1.2. To improve and expand the services and content offered on the Sites, including creating new services and content sites appropriate user requirements and expectations, and change or cancel existing services and content. The information used by the “SHOPSWINDOWS” for this purpose will be mainly statistical information that does not identify you personally.

4.1.3. To create personal areas sites, you can adjust your preferences.

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