TYENT USA , Born on 1995 , Voted Ionizer of the Year !

Make Alkaline Water or Kangen Water with Tyent Water Ionizer Machine. Tyent’s alkaline water filters, enriches the pH of water making water alkaline.Tyent USA..Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Michael McKenry Reviews on Tyent Water Ionizers..

Founder and President, Joe Boccuti, began researching alkaline water while doing seminars to help people stop smoking and lose weight. He used techniques such as neuro linguistic programming (a proven method used by Tony Robbins) and clinical hypnosis to help his clients’ kick bad habits and trim down. Although Joe’s hypnotherapy success rates were above average, he still wanted to offer a supplementary wellness product to his clients.

Joe’s motivation steered him toward the health benefits of alkaline ionized water. He was instantly intrigued by the amazing results alkaline water was having on people’s health and needed to get involved right away. His goal became to design the best ionizer for our unique water sources throughout the USA. After a full year of development by a group of engineers, water experts and scientists, the first custom-built water ionizer—modified specifically for the unique source waters throughout America, was introduced. And that’s how the Tyent Brand was born!

Tyent USA Water is Super Hydrating, Clean, Antioxidant, Ionized Alkaline Water for better health. Olympians & doctors agree -Our water is the healthiest. Tyent USA sells the top of the line alkaline water ionionzers in the USA.